• An unscripted podcast.
  • With no point or direction.
  • And shitty sound quality.



  • Exposing puahate.txt.
  • The hypocrisy of communists and feminists.
  • Trolling puahate.txt followers on twitter.
  • There is no rape culture.
  • Social circle game.
  • The joys of vaginal fisting.
  • Icarus's girlfriend.
  • Pissing in her mouth was her idea.
  • Dirty Blond's experience on being an extra on the show Mad Men. (Se7 Ep1)
  • Hollywood film set game.
  • Anonymous from Staten Island.
  • Puahate.txt's entire Tumblr page can span the distance from the earth to the moon and back.
  • The ten most wanted of Shitty Advice.
  • Pseudo-intellectual hipster comedian from Brooklyn.
  • Abou Diaby & Abou Baldiaby.
  • "You ugly fuck, I'm good looking, financially stable, and get hot girls."
  • Male feminist trying to pick up rape victims.
  • Dirty Blond on meeting Jon Hamm & Christina Hendricks on the set of Mad Men.
  • Scientology.
  • Self-hypnosis.
  • Did Misclegend have a close encounter with a reptilian?
  • One of the six hundred lurkers comes on.
  • Sargent Pepperoni & Geo Godly.
  • Incel social circles.
  • Misclegend: Incels should be strapped down to a chair and forced to watch Brian Pumper videos in a loop.
  • Learning about the Anunnaki and the ZOG machine won't get you laid.
  • What if Brian Peppers ran Brian Pumper game?
  • Brian pumper is collaborating with the Anunnaki reptilian overlords.
  • "If Harpoon knew about Brian Pumper game he wouldn't be crying."
  • "If everybody started running Brian Pumper game, the ZOG machine would be overthrown."
  • Misclegend vs. Pips
  • Emulating someone's behavior by watching music videos.
  • "If you do head banging you can get a thicker neck, that's why most metal musicians have a thick neck."

  • Show Notes By Icarus


  • Sensdep (Sensory Deprivation) has a beef with Nick Cotton.
  • Toolittlesleep checks in.
  • At least peanut buddha has nice tits.
  • Serial killer game.
  • Asking random people about LMS.
  • Can Straxcity slay?
  • Nick Cotton thinks Straxcity is being disingenuous.
  • Straxcity lies about his age.
  • Scott the gay 60 year old pedophile takes a hike.
  • The wonders of urophagia.
  • Abshow the lying aspie girl gets interrogated by MurdocIsGod.
  • The chronicles of Jsanza29.
  • Abshow is not a feminist (thank goodness).
  • Endless white-knighting.
  • Hair maintenance 101.
  • Arguing in circles.
  • Is Nick Cotton a feminist?
  • Women on the internet are attention whores.
  • MiscLegend chimes in.
  • Colezís many troll accounts.
  • Nutrition theory.
  • Tim Whatley comes on.
  • Rolex: Does MiscLegend have schizophrenia?
  • Pencil neck boy gets verbally abused.
  • Purple thinks he can beat up Lifesucks.
  • Most mass murderers are attention seekers.
  • Why is Julia still here?
  • MiscLegend delivers a lecture on the ZOG machine.

  • Show Notes By Icarus




  • The case against childbirth: Stretched out vaginas
  • A guy assassinated John Lennon because he couldn't get to Yoko Ono's tits.
  • Evolutionary strategies against bukkake.
  • Forcing yourself to eat a whole pizza because it was expensive.
  • Girls with sexual experience are way better than virgins.
  • How many posts does it take to go from any topic to male models?
  • Icarus has to use violent porn to get off.
  • The service Nicholaus uses to fill out captcha's for him.
  • A microphone taped to a cell phone in a closet for 3 hours.
  • FM radio plays the same 8 songs all day long.
  • Prank calling MLM conference calls.
  • A tsunami of chicks.

  • Show Notes By Dr. Werner Brandes


  • Icarus has Lefty come on.
  • The audio is shitty because it was recorded on a cell phone.
  • A stripper slipped roofies in Lefty's drink so she could steal his debit card.
  • The NFL is fake.
  • Icarus wants to bang his hot female cousin.
  • When Lefty was a kid, he used to smell his friend's sister's panties.
  • Jessie Ventura
  • Cocaine made Lefty's brain clear.
  • Joe Rogan and DMT.
  • Good gay guys are hard to find.
  • Lefty is now drunk.
  • BDSM porn actully saves lives.
  • Some people give off negative energy.
  • The Rockefeller's invented feminism.
  • Humans were created in a test tube by reptilian aliens.
  • Pickup artist's are clowns that dress up like fags.

  • Show Notes By Nicholaus


  • Soft and comfy meets sleek and sexy.
  • Minimal front coverage, no back coverage
  • You'll love it layered or all on its own.
  • Get into a snowed-in state of mind.
  • Double adjustable ankle straps.
  • Our strappy rendition is a versatile choice for casual days.
  • All-new plush padding for a softer, more natural feel.
  • A vibrant, irresistible blend of lush cherry blossom and juicy peach.
  • Long straight leg, lots of attitude, supersoft.
  • Buckle flap closure with interior drawstring.
  • Break more hearts, wear 8 ways.
  • Cups have no-show shine fabric.

  • Show Notes By Rocko


  • Dolleyes comes on.
  • Stripping is more efficient than working a day job.
  • Nicholaus would let an old lady piss and shit on him for money.
  • Are some people so ugly that people wouldn't even shit on them?
  • Dolleyes had a friend who was a pickup artist, and he tried to neg her.
  • A crazy italian seamstress.
  • Nicholaus doesn't like italian people.
  • Small towns suck.
  • Dolleye's parents were worried she would marry a drug-dealing columbian.
  • Iggy Pop (not Frank Zappa) has a studio in Little Haiti.
  • The internet has turned everyone into tattood hipsters.
  • People only post the good things that happen to them on the internet, never the bad things.
  • Male models probably don't have perfect lives.
  • Nicholaus doesn't believe in fuck buddies.
  • Dolleyes met a lawyer with humiliation and cuckold fetishes.
  • A sad dog story.  :-(

  • Show Notes By Mr. Right


  • This is Patrick's last day living with Nicholaus.
  • Icarus comes on.
  • Patrick is ignoring Nicholaus and Icarus, and going on Facebook instead.
  • Icarus posted a picture of his cock on the forum.
  • New Jersey is a dirty shithole.
  • Icarus: I wake up, call her a cunt, and go about my day.
  • Nicholaus was trying to figure out what race Icarus was, by comparing his cock picture to cocks in online porn.
  • Best Buy computer repair is horrible and rips you off.
  • Trading a textbook for pot.
  • 20 cats in a closet.
  • Tina Fey: Discuss
  • Octomom could palm a basketville using her vagina.
  • Icarus doesn't give a fuck about Nicholaus' story about the moderators.
  • Everyone in Chicago is naive, and thinks the rest of the world is as shitty as Chicago.

  • Show Notes By Jahda Jewelers


  • Fleshlight developing an iPad case that you can have sex with.
  • Steve Jobs only had a 70% battery life when compared to CEO's of other companies.
  • Angelo from ExposedInk and AdultMunky comes on.
  • Would you blow another guy for $1,000,000?
  • Nicholaus tried teaching his girlfriend to give blowjobs, but she was so bad at it, that he gave up.
  • Angelo is making motorized bicycles, and getting motorized skateboards from China.
  • Patrick wants to make a motorized big-wheel children's toy.
  • Facebook is not real life. Just because you have 1,000 friends on it doesn't mean anything.
  • Patrick teabags other gamers in Halo.
  • Angelo got screwed over by coporate america.
  • Patrick is moving to Kentucky in 2 weeks.
  • Nicholaus paid for Patrick's gamer screen name to be changed to DrunkAngryPat, just so he could laugh at it.

  • Show Notes By Jahda Jewelers


  • Patrick is balling on a budget.
  • For $1,000,000 would you take it up the ass?
  • What noise? Nicholaus gets trolled by Patrick.
  • Mr. Right says it isn't gay to blow yourself.
  • The effortless diet - coming to a store near you.
  • Dead air...and heavy breathing...makes the world go round.
  • Is it gay if two guys blow each other in the same room?
  • You don't have to be faster than the bear, just faster than your friends.
  • A guy's testicles fall out during a fight?
  • What if there is a woman in the room when the two guys are blowing themselves?
  • Stripper mom looking for a girl to do girl-on-girl with her.
  • Mr. Right made made $8,863 last year, not bad for doing nothing.
  • Patrick is defecting to Canada.
  • Mr. Right unsuccessfully tries to convince Nicholaus and Patrick that Canada is the best government in the world.

  • Show Notes By Piper Westwood


  • Nicholaus brings on his roommate, Patrick.
  • Mr. Right applied for a job at a grocery store.
  • ......."on his screen is a giant asshole"
  • Mr. Right sounds like "Jason" from the cartoon Home Movies
  • If they're legal, it's not rape.
  • If she says no, it means you have to hit her hard enough so she passes out.
  • It doesn't matter if the listeners know who Patrick is.
  • Mr. Right's brother is a scam artist.
  • Patrick squats over a plate of "halal" chicken, and makes chicken nuggets.
  • A black guy in North Dakota.
  • Hating on California.
  • Nicholaus doesn't wash plates because it washes off the "flavor".
  • Canadian internet service isn't "halal", and it's run by squirrels.
  • Nicholaus and Patrick prank called some redneck hookers.
  • Mr. Right goes sexual.

  • Show Notes By Jahda Jewelers


  • Jesse from the forum comes on.
  • J The Ripper is all butthurt.
  • Money, guns, and coke matter. Oh yeah, and grenades.
  • Sex talk among bros.
  • My friends basically hit the ceiling when I told them about puahate and their ideas on peacockery.
  • Fuck finals man, I never studied for that shit.
  • It was freshman year, some asian girl. Long story short...
  • The thing is, "my dad lost his at like, age 10."
  • You just have to talk to a girl once and you're an mpua.
  • She had a what, where?
  • You never see fat asian hookers.



  • Being raped by Walmart.
  • Girlfriend + couch + tv = what the fuck?
  • 8 to 16 years old is that crucial point when if one of the parents is not around for a while it can really have an inmpact.
  • This sounds like a cotton mouth type of thing, ya know?
  • My brother stole my bedroom, and it's turned into an office, where do I go when the shit goes bad?
  • Not unless I'm gonna marry her type thing.
  • This chick would just like, walk around in her underwear, and, I would just ignore her.
  • Oh, I'm just beating off to your guest stars online pics, what did you think?
  • Did it take away any of the hotness of meeting her?
  • Internet hug.
  • Wrestling rats.
  • She dated the guy from The Wonder Years.
  • It took a whole bottle of Aqua Net to get that crazy hairdo.
  • I don't think she had sex with all of them.
  • The Von Erich brothers.
  • That guy must have been fucking nuts or something.
  • Wrestlers are most likely fucked in the head.
  • Mr. Right thinks all the Jersey Shore girls are attractive, except Snooki.



  • A slow start for Mr. Right and Nicholaus
  • Oh i have brown hair too, cool bro, you wanna hang out?
  • When you eat a lot you need a shit like an hour later.
  • Talk about cheap ass canadian apartment deposits.
  • If you're on food stamps, you don't need to be worrying about a cellphone.
  • Awkward pause.
  • Even if gold bars came out of her pussy when you fucked her in the ass.
  • I would do it for money too.
  • There's 8 billion people in the world?
  • Okay i am done with my rant.
  • Listen motherfucker...I now you guys were fucking off before you moved here, but now i'm here, and this shit is gonna stop right now.
  • When the movie American Pie came out, Mr. Right was only 11.
  • She got her boobs butchered up.
  • Awkward pause #2.
  • It's on one of those lesbian channels.
  • Those telemarketers, you just cannot get away.
  • Angry black man tells himself to meet him somehwere.

  • Show Notes By Matt


  • Drunken hilarity.
  • "It's called iron'oney"
  • Horrendous distortion to kick off the show.
  • J The Ripper has been erased from existence.
  • "What da fuck?"
  • Lucifer comes on.
  • Talking about when Lucifer was a moderator and he went crazy deleting threads.
  • "You kept registering again and again, so we kept banning you"
  • VPN stands for virtual private network.
  • Waiting for a bitch to come on, so you can talk dirty to her and then go over later and fuck her.
  • Crossing state lines for pussy.
  • Easily riled up forum members and pissing them off.
  • An interesting point about liberals.
  • Some of us just can't stand Nashville.
  • "Day Game: as the butthurt community call it"
  • Abide by the cyber laws setup in the UK, by Tony Blair.
  • Some serious (or not so serious) racism.
  • Delete your Facebook account.
  • Prank calls to prostitutes (not going too well).
  • "It's to speak to the criminal psychologist"
  • Authoritarian?
  • Ask about that two girl special (hooker sandwich).
  • "Can i get a reduction on price if one of us is a midget?"
  • Only $200 for a midget, that's good to know.
  • "I'm a male model, it would be beneficial for you to touch me"

  • Show Notes By Matt


  • Midnight sounds like an intro to a rap skit.
  • Fat guys get no love...unlike Heavy D...but they gotta pay.
  • Chicks on Craigslist are classier than bar chicks.
  • Brooke Hogan will be fucked by Mr. Right by 2017.
  • Midnight knows guys who do the steroids.
  • Bitches want Mr.right's dick because he is Canadian.
  • Total Bromance
  • Weird voice male from fat youtube kid.
  • More voicemail and Midnight leaves a message.
  • Did the guys get trolled?
  • To the escort services of Nova Scotia we go!
  • Mr. Right goes to take a shit.
  • The fat youtube kid (fibraz4jack) comes on.
  • Youtube kid keeps thinking this is internet radio (a real show).
  • He tries to remember what line he said to a girl.
  • Talking about getting kicked out of school
  • Midnight breaks it down on how to be a douchebag.
  • Midnight makes some common sense.
  • Back to the escort services!
  • "I want to try to find out ways to act like a douchebag, where she doesn't know I'm acting like a douchebag"
  • Youtube kid still thinks the show is real.

  • Show Notes By Rocko


  • Chat up lines of pick up kings. (Once you pick her up then tie her up and webcam her for internet royalties).
  • Being employed to do one job, break some stuff and panic as you don't know how to fix it.
  • You cannot call something a summit if there's only 50 people there, more like a backyard barbecue.
  • Mr. Right goes for a piss.
  • Hacking cable modems and Directv, the intricacies of how this stuff works.
  • Is it worse to be beaten up throughout your childhood or to be emotionally scarred?
  • Examination of the differences in the drug worlds of both the US and Canada.
  • Does Mr. Right have some deep seated emotional issues?
  • Various background noises including, banging, klunking, rustling and heavy breathing.
  • Mr. Right's history of pickup.
  • Vince Kelvin is a creepy loser.
  • Puahate was invited to speak at the pua summit.
  • Anonymous forum member "Jesse" comes on.
  • A look at whether looks are important.
  • Mr. Right has never been drunk? Really never? He's missing out.
  • A word to the wise, don't lend your mom $30k.
  • "I will show you the way to the bottom of your bank account"
  • Prostitutes are A-OKAY! (Hey it's almost xmas, treat yourself.)
  • David Deangelo lives like a hobo but is actually rich (don't worry his wife is ugly).

  • Show Notes By Matt


  • A gun that shoots knives.
  • Nicholaus is a retard when it comes to Skype.
  • Mr. Right: "Moving anywhere more than a mile away really sucks"
  • Bropocalypse leaves to go sell pot to his friend in the living room.
  • A guy really showing his dick on youtube?
  • Wide hips on a girl is fine, but not too wide.
  • Mr. Right rides a horse during the show.
  • Bropocalypse decides to grace us with his presence again.
  • An article about the Deep Web
  • Deep Web Infographics: one, two, three
  • Weird services on the Deep Web: Stealing, Hitmen, Weapons, and Drugs
  • Deep Web tutorial.
  • Deep Web story about a secret video of two guys banging a dead girl (is this true?).
  • Mr. Right talks about getting old (from his vast life experience).

  • Show Notes By Altereality


  • Bropocalypse waits for Nicholas and doesn't have any idea what he is doing.
  • Mexican Coca-Cola has sugar in it and not the evil high-fructose corn syrup.
  • Both Nicholaus & Bropoc agree that Nicholaus sounds like a retard with his Chicago accent.
  • Bropoc goes to a lot of meetings at work, and thinks he's at the pentagon.
  • Who came up with the eight hour work day?
  • Nicholaus drops DHV's about cars and condo's that he had in his twenties.
  • Mr. Right is so busy that it takes him 12 hours to return a text message.
  • Spirits give Nicholaus business ideas.
  • Finally Mr. Right answers the phone (turns out the fucker was sleeping).
  • When Mr. Right becomes rich, he wants a huge house, big phat car, and a prostitute.
  • The past drama with Smokey3.
  • Nicholaus trolls dating guru's on facebook with fake hot chick profiles.
  • Masturbating with sticky cheeto fingers.
  • Nicholaus has a bladder infection and no health insurance.
  • At his work, Nicholaus' boss thinks he does drugs in the bathroom.
  • Mr. Right looks at his budget, and he thinks he is pretty much fucked.
  • The USA lets homeless people starve, while in Canada they feed all the homeless.
  • Crazy Mike, the rich bearded homeless sailor.
  • Restraining orders are just shit tests that need to be reframed.
  • What is being normal?
  • Bropocalypse: "Wholly embracing yourself all the time will have girls on your dick 24/7"
  • No matter how hot a chick is, if she goes to dance clubs, Nicholaus will not slip the dong to her.
  • Nicholaus: "Women aren't cars"
  • Barry and Stephan's relationship.
  • Banging a hooker in the other owner's office.

  • Show Notes By masterpiece


  • Greetings: Bropac is eating a burrito and will join momentarily.
  • Taking Hydroxycut is fucking with Mr. Right's already fucked up sleep schedule.
  • "But he's losing weight, has more energy and is slimming down"
  • What would happen to Podcastlol if Mr. Right OD'd on Hydroxycut?
  • Nicholaus is trying to get the fat youtube pickup kid to come on the podcast.
  • Mr. Right critiques the fat youtube pickup kid's skills.
  • Typical Bropoc week: Work, lay around, sleep, repeat x 7.
  • Nicholaus was becoming a hoarder so he cleaned out all his junk.
  • Why Nicholaus is pissed that craiglist removed their adult services section.
  • Nicholaus is trying to whore out his spare room to people who do webcam shows.
  • Nicholaus' old lady is starting to get on his nerves.
  • Stories of Bropoc and Mr. Right working at a call center, including Mr. Right getting shit-canned for giving away Capital One's money to an old lady.
  • Nicholaus ranting about small-time business owners referring to themselves as "CEO" and other unjustifiably pompous titles.
  • If they made the "big bucks", what kind of car would the boys drive?
  • Bropoc's current whip.
  • Bropoc talks about underground drainage tunnels in Japan, and Nicholaus explains drain tile.
  • Japan is a really fucked up country with crazy porn.
  • Nicholaus raps about a weird movie he just saw (Gamer).
  • Mr. Right is fading.

  • Show Notes By Guru of Auto Enroll


  • Bropoc thinks he's recording episode 32.
  • Quick shitty quality sound discussion.
  • People who write walls of text.
  • "Nice episode guys, can't even operate skype"
  • In depth convo on Bropoc's j-o-b.
  • Customers don't like Mr. Right because he's a canadian & they're yankees.
  • A 17 y/o chick Mr. Right likes adds him on facebook.
  • Podcastlol: An unscripted podcast. With a gay name. And shitty sound quality.
  • Voicemail phone number now available: Show Voicemail (478) 227-8565
  • Nicholaus plays a few voicemails they recieved.
  • Mr. Right talks about jacking off & Hydroxycut.
  • Mr. Right is a baller.
  • *sounds like someone is taking piss in the background on this episode*
  • Nicholaus is using condoms with the GF again.
  • Mr. Right has sex with lamb intestines.
  • O take a nap while Mr. Right talks about school & being lazy.
  • Mr. Right's favorite Mortal Kombat character is Sub Zero.
  • Hydro should abandon his baby instead of buying $30 X-Box games.
  • Selling babies on the black market.
  • "Call now!" Don't fucking tell me what to do.
  • Bropoc planning a trip to Big Bear.
  • Snowboarding in the woods wearing Hanes underwear made in Vietnam.
  • Mr. right talks about Germany.
  • "Pollution makes asians yellow"
  • Steamroller's real name is fat piece of shit aka 4-Chins.
  • Mr. Right get's dark "everything you is your own fault".
  • Nicholaus get's a shit-ton of energy from Vitamin B.
  • Mr. Right thinks the fat guy from the forums is lying about losing weight.
  • Just believe in yourself & you will lose weight.

  • Show Notes By 365q


  • Mr Right now coming through crystal clear.
  • The feud between Jorge and Mr, Right.
  • Mr. Right emails Mystery about Barry.
  • Mystery won't pay for one of Barry's shows. Wants a free copy.
  • Nicholaus outlined a business plan for Barry. Barry rejected it.
  • Mr. Right has one of "those friends". The guy who always borrows money.
  • Most of his troubles come from that guy.
  • Mr. Right doesn't know how he'll ever get his money back.
  • Revenge is suggested by Nicholaus.
  • Nicholaus faces down a real life tough guy.
  • Mr. Right's landlord treats him like the son he hasn't evicted yet.
  • Nicholaus is a reformed drunk driver.
  • Health insurance is not possessed by Nicholaus.
  • Crackhead ex-roommate got huge medical bills.
  • Universal health care gets Mr Right's vote.
  • How being the President is like being a football coach.
  • What Nicholaus would rather do than be President.
  • The Presidential Campaign should be marketed like Pickup.
  • Where Nicholaus' neighbour goes at 4:00am.
  • Mr. Right watches some porn.
  • Nicholaus watches Seinfeld.

  • Show Notes By HappyLittleBoy


  • A drunk show by 365q.
  • 365q uses his Barry White voice to seduce the listeners.
  • Today's episode is brought to you by Seagram's Orange Gin & Gatorade.
  • 365q has to whisper because people are sleeping in his house.
  • At what point in life does the small details we tell each other stop mattering?
  • "I love you"...."No, I love you more"
  • 365q feels like Luke Wilson in Idiocracy.
  • Is he a grown up now?
  • The gin & juice takes over his brain for a minute.
  • If most people tried to let go of their rigid views of realilty, they would lose their shit.
  • Posting pics of trannies on the internet makes 365q laugh, but if trannies were in his house, he would be pissed.
  • Surfing the internet is like being in the movie Mad Max.
  • Shaving armpits.
  • People who openly admit they take steriods are cool. People who take them but hide it are jerks.
  • Welcome to his reality.
  • Fat girls should not send private messages to 365q.
  • Rembrandt's paintings of fat women.
  • Girls who do yoga are amazing.
  • 365q used to get on the rowing machine at the gym, and fantasize about banging the girls in the yoga class next to him.

  • Show Notes By Nicholaus


  • Nicholaus has a Skype stalker.
  • Mr. Right needs a new microphone.
  • Does Barry want to go back to RSD!?
  • He was making HOW MUCH there???
  • Could J The Ripper be trolling Mr. Right?
  • Mr. Right could be saying something profound here, but technology fails him.
  • Mr. Right will be seeing a doctor about his anxiety .
  • Nicholaus tells us which forum he thinks is completely insane.
  • Brocopalypse and Nicholaus want to shave some fat off. Maybe off each other.
  • Mr. Right chips in with some bodybuilding advice.
  • The guys all share their measurements.
  • Mr. Right talks about how big his head is.
  • Nicholaus thinks Yoga is the shit. It is.
  • Bropocalypse talks about the yoga addict he dated.
  • Nicholaus is having second thoughts about his supplements.
  • He predicts the demise of the fish-oil bubble.
  • Brocopalypse has found a new foul tasting supplement that works for him.
  • Mr. Right tap dances and talks, and nobody can make out what he's saying, but I'll try.
  • I.zzt..de..brea...oeez.zzzeg...taz...or something to that effect.
  • Mr. Right threatens to kick Nichalaus' ass.
  • Bropocalypse starts to get Joe Pesci on Right's ass.
  • Brocopalypse and Nicholaus have superhearing if they can make out what the fuck Mr. Right is saying.
  • Or they're humoring him.
  • Celebrities who did porno Tila Tequila.
  • Chyna sucks a penis, as Nicholaus watches.
  • Mr. Right has seen a nasty clit, and it's not his mom's.
  • Brocopalypse compares himself to sex addicts.
  • Crack addict gives blowjobs in the alley and sleeps on Nicholaus' couch.
  • Nicholaus talks about his time on J The Ripper's show.
  • Mr. Right starts talking about what J The Ripper said about Brocopalypse...
  • Audio cuts out at "He's like..."
  • And returns at "..fucked his ass"
  • Nicholaus looks up pregnant porn.

  • Show Notes By HappyLittleBoy


  • Nicholaus warns that the audio quality is probably gonna suck on this episode (it does).
  • Mr. Right's connection is unintelligible.
  • Nicholaus expresses his disappointment in Bropocalypse not being there for this episode.
  • Hydro has a new baby girl.
  • Reminiscing about when Mr. Right used to go on Barry's show.
  • Nicholaus shares stories of living with his hot asian female roommate.
  • Hydro's baby momma already has another kid.
  • Nicholaus sells his hot asian roommate's used panties on Craigslist.
  • The story of the 400-pound bipolar guy living on Nicholaus' couch, who broke the couch and stunk up the place.
  • The hot asian roommate had a system she used for picking up guys at bars to immediately take home and bang.
  • Mr. Right: Something about dicks getting sucked and a wrestling podcast.
  • Stories of Nicholaus' 62-year-old roommate and his 70 year old girlfriend.
  • What causes Nicholaus' lapses in memory ---> coping strategies.
  • Nicholaus' hospital stay with a crackhead psycho girl.
  • Bropoc fucks up another recording. Not really.
  • Hot asian roommate vs. crackhead roommate.
  • Nicholaus gets a late night visit from the police.
  • The crackhead on the couch meets "johns" on Craigslist.
  • Another visit from the police. This time, they're undercover.
  • If Nicholaus were a real pimp...
  • Crackhead leaves vaginal discharge glob of uterine tissue on the floor.
  • More drama with the police and the crackhead.
  • What's going on with Mr. Right?
  • Mr. Right spent a week working at a camp for mentally handicapped people.

  • Show Notes By Guru of Auto Enroll


  • Hello...hola...konichiwa...o hai guys!
  • Mr. Right: "Can you hear me now?"
  • Bropoc is retarded & didn't record like a dunckis.
  • Awkwardness
  • "Nicholaus the dictator" thinks minimum age of 30 years old should be required for college.
  • I zoned out listening to Mr. Right's static.
  • Nicholaus drops some fortune-cookie zen on the boys.
  • Bropoc thinks standardized tests for grades is a good idea.
  • Mr. Right likes to rake leaves while thinking about what he will fap to later.
  • Bropoc likes big booty hoes.
  • They're talking about school related stuff.
  • Canada has their shit down according to Nicholaus.
  • Mr. Right pays $6,000 for classes.
  • Nicholaus has some good advice.
  • Don't worry, be happy.
  • Mr. Right likes politics.
  • Nicholaus is a lone wolf.
  • Focus on getting better on things you can control, not on useless knowledge.
  • Mr. Right wants to read economic news with his shitty connection.
  • Nicholaus hypothesizes on debt default.
  • The "If You Had HIV" game.
  • Mr. Right would fuck Ghita Jones (Neil Strauss' ex-girlfriend).
  • Nicholaus wouldn't fuck Ghita, not even for money.
  • The girl with herpes that Nicholaus dated.
  • Valtrex dries up vaginas.
  • Hock a loogie into a dry vagina.
  • Would Mr. Right spit on a girl's asshole?
  • The "forever alone" female roomate Nicholaus had.
  • Guess who returns to the show after disappearing for a half hour: Bropoc
  • Bropoc's 68 y/o mom plays playstation.
  • Nicholaus talks about REAL mother-daughter porn.
  • Bropoc just wants you to blow him & bring him burritos.
  • The psycho ex's of Bropoc.
  • People are eating up the stupid.
  • Nicholas talks about how 95% of people think they are smarter than other people.
  • Bropac really appreciates people, and is always amazed.
  • Smart people bukkake of mental masterbation.
  • Chicks have split Facebook personalities.

  • Show Notes By 365q


  • Mr. Right's microphone is fucked up.
  • No, Mr. Right's microphone is fine, it sounds fucked up because he is sharing an internet connection with half of his town.
  • All Bropocolypse hears is "fuckin".
  • Limited bandwidth means shitty Skype quality.
  • Mr. Right leaves to go kick the ass of the other people living in his house.
  • Nicholaus is an intermediate-level pua.
  • Mr. Right is working at a camp for mentally-handicapped construction workers.
  • Bropocolypse leaves to take a shit.
  • Mr. Right has an epiphany.
  • Bropocolypse's ass hurts from sitting on the yoga ball at work for weeks.
  • All Canadians are faggots.
  • Bropocolypse ran social circle game when he was six years old.
  • Nicholaus scored in his second-grade class when he was a kid.
  • Bropocolypse fucked a fattie inside a bush when he was five.
  • Singledudetravel stories.
  • Mr. Right drinks lots of water before he masturbates.
  • How much sperm is stored inside Mr. Right's penis?
  • Black girls and redheads are either really hot or really ugly.
  • Mr. Right says that god wants him to masturbate.
  • If the helicopter were coming to rescue you in two days, would you masturbate?
  • Mr. Right is a geography wizard.
  • The male reproductive system explained.

  • Show Notes By Midnight


  • Nicholaus and Bropocalypse not talking.
  • Here comes Mr. Right.
  • Seems more confident.
  • Howard Stern joins.
  • Bropoc is scared of negative comments.
  • Bropoc takes us through his exciting work schedule again.
  • Bropocalypse flaking.
  • Stupid boring talk about Jen.
  • Barry to be a stay at home pussywhipped father.
  • It doesn't matter.
  • Something about a park.
  • Bropocalypse says interesting things.
  • 15 minutes of Mr Right's nervousness around women.
  • Hot but retarded girls.
  • Mr. Right is the prize and the selector.
  • Mr. Right says anxiety means he has difficulty with talking to women.
  • Dare is a creep.
  • Barry is a pussy off the show.
  • Mr. Right babies.
  • Mr. Right has never had a wrong number.
  • Bropoc gives positive enforcement.
  • Mr. Right a little mini celebrity.
  • Mr. Right says why Gunwitch won't do a show.
  • Gunwitch is a snitch.
  • Gunwitch works for the feds.
  • Mr. Right: A snitch is not a bad thing.
  • The snitch is moving home.
  • Bropoc is a black rights activist.
  • Mr. Right racist remark.
  • Socialism is interesting.
  • Republicans bla bla bla.
  • Something about Canada.
  • Bropoc names his new dog Jen.
  • Mr. Right's day: He woke up and ate food.
  • Mr. Right flirting with 400-pound women on the internet.
  • Bropoc: Go and have sex with girls and shut your mouth.
  • Scarlett Johansson dating Mehow.
  • Inner game is important.
  • Talk to 800 women.
  • Use lines and be yourself.
  • Bropoc: This show sucks.
  • Bropoc gives amazing advice (no sarcasm).
  • We're getting deep.
  • Mr. Right is super high status and busy, but will be able to make it to do a show with Bropoc and Nicholaus.
  • Garbage...i dont know what these episodes are anyways...

  • Show Notes By Gerad


  • Skunk at Bropocalypse's apartment.
  • Mr. Right and 'inconvient' internet connection drop outs.
  • Incest related porn & fucked up brains.
  • Flyings ants fucking flying around.
  • More incest talk ie., mother uses a 'strap-on' on daughter.
  • Nicholaus talks about his parents & high school.
  • The drive through drug dealer.
  • Bropoc talks about his job & sitting on his gay yoga balls.
  • Bropoc won't fuck bitches with his yoga balls in front of kids.
  • Bropoc smokes alot of marijuana.
  • Bropoc is a cop from Seattle & bangs weird chicks from there.
  • Fuck, 3 out of 5 rating for Bropoc's '3 out of 5' story, fuck.
  • 400 lb. 6'9" dude has callous feet & wears no shoes.
  • Bropoc & Nicholaus try on different shoes during the show.
  • The most amazing shoes in the whole wide world.
  • That hoarder's show: rats, cats, & lions.
  • Eat, sleep, work = life
  • Bullshitting with an Ohio waitress.
  • Being alpha & politics.
  • Shitty tattoos are depressing.
  • The DOS Shell
  • Bropac & His GF = Marriage???
  • Marriage talk & having a job.
  • The Bro Bar.........bro

  • Show Notes By 365q


  • Ola, Como Esta, Homo
  • Podcastlol - Not a show, just shit-talking.
  • The people have spoken.
  • Barry quits.... again.
  • Nicholaus' ant problem.
  • Nick rents out his spare bedroom to wierdos.
  • Nick does not want his girlfriend to move in.
  • 32 year old woman's parent's don't allow her to sleep over.
  • First girl Bropocalypse genuinely likes.
  • Dating girls with kids.
  • Nick doesn't want kids, period.
  • Nick is still experiencing his kid stage in adulthood.
  • Single mom and kid sleepover at Nick's house.
  • Waking up next morning and regretting the chick you ended up banging.
  • The Office - Angela & Dwight.
  • What would you do if the girl ended having your kid?
  • Bropoc's insane ex-girlfriend pregnancy scare.
  • Text Message: I'll blow you and buy you a burrito
  • Crying, crying, and more crying.
  • Sociopathic females.
  • Nick's ultimate deal-breaker - going through his shit.
  • Serious discussion on PuaHate? Not happening.
  • Ryan Dunn died? Ryan who?
  • Barry quitting because he's 35? What does his age have to do with anything?
  • Nick's opinion - Barry's show was awesome before he told his family about it.
  • Go after what you want, fuck everyone else.
  • The Deepweb, where all the crazy shit is stored.
  • Bropoc's job.
  • Skinless condoms.
  • Nick's girlfriend is on birth control, too lazy to put on condoms.
  • Nick wants to get a vasectomy.
  • Forum Thread - 51 year old guy marries 16 year old girl.
  • Blowjob in the drive-through of Taco Bell.
  • Microsoft filed a case against Nicholaus because of microsoftporn.com

  • Show Notes By Yuriy


  • Guess who's black
  • It's not my cup of tea.
  • Will Nicholaus read Bropcolypse a bedtime story?
  • Kamikaze your way through Paxil.
  • Midget porn and.... Mr Right?..... Wha?
  • How many dating gurus actually date hot chicks?
  • The cuckold's conspiracies.
  • Who is Monstar?
  • Wygant & Noble
  • Nicholaus attacked by pua's.
  • Brocopolypse sits in a cubical.
  • Pua TENT?
  • Bropocalypse gets meds from a meth dealer?
  • Pa Pa Kho Uuuuuh? Uuuuuh?
  • Subliminal against other podcasts.
  • A GLORIOUS time.
  • Brocopolypse a cat in heat.
  • Trolling homos.
  • Gone in sixty seconds.
  • Nicholaus dated 4 girls in a row from Klammath Falls.
  • Monstar is CEO CFO CIO CTO COO of the company.
  • Wolverine donated the money for Urban's unbanning.
  • Urban fights the feminists.
  • Time for beddy bye byes.
  • Greatest outro ever.

  • Show Notes By Gerad


  • Forum Member: Oatmeal joins
  • Podcast recap.
  • Ex-GF's and geing in relationships.
  • AFC behavior
  • Hillbillies: US vs Canadian
  • Online dating tips.
  • Long distance relationships.
  • Online experiences.
  • Crazy suburbs.
  • Talking about spirituality and other stuff.
  • Killing joke.
  • Toronto pua's.
  • Shitty Advice questions answered.
  • (Does looks matter finally answered)


  • Check 1 and 2
  • Superjoint feels like a fuckhead for spamming/racism (he paid $3 to get unbanned).
  • Nicholaus is confused about Superjoint's apology.
  • Paxil and other antidepressents.
  • Behind the scenes on Puahate, bots, and the future of Puahate.
  • Magic 8-Ball, a real person?
  • Superjoint calls out Pua7000(fuchen).
  • Nicholaus doesn't want J the Ripper to ruin the show.
  • Nicholaus vs. Barry & Formhandle
  • Nicholaus tried to get a conversation started with Barry by sending him a tin of (normal) popcorn, and barry ignored him completely.
  • Pua and their weird names.
  • David DeAngelo won't take a shit without first thinking about how he should market it.


  • Rock from the forum's sits in.
  • Man Possesed eat's a baby.
  • Looking for co-hosts & shit.
  • Would you eat a baby?
  • Rocko is an "N" Person.
  • Chi-Town Hoodery
  • Forum Roll-Call
  • Ashton Kutcher is a douche.
  • Rant on the forums.
  • We talk about Super Joint Ritual (SJR).
  • Facebook Pimpin'
  • Rocko likes the episode with Beej, Nick Cotton, & SJR.
  • SJR Official statement to Nicholaus & the Mods.
  • Podcast motivation & how to get started.
  • SJR joins & addresses what he said.
  • SJR is a .....
  • SJR has a made up disease.
  • No one likes SJR.
  • SJR Alex Jones' the Mods.
  • SJR & JTR think wrestling is real.
  • SJR is gay.
  • Everyone watches tranny porn for fun.
  • Man fucked to death by a horse.
  • SJR is a gay horse.
  • Giovanni saw the Justin Beiber movie 3 times & liked it.
  • SJR would blow Justin Beiber to be famous.


  • Lucifer & SJR talk about assburgers
  • SJR plays Fall In Love You Lose throughout the show link
  • SJR's Mom yells at him.
  • SJR teaches Lucifer Chinese.
  • Chinese Tyler Durden from RSD.
  • Suction cup tits & fuck machines.
  • SJR spent his vacation at a mental institution.
  • Lucifer thinks he's misunderstood.
  • Let's play Bushido Blade.
  • Hot Sarah Silverman look alike to beat off to.
  • Virginia Tech asian ruined it for all asians.
  • SJR wants to drink a beer with Lucifer.
  • Lucifer doesn't trust SJR.
  • SJR isn't gay anymore.
  • Neil Strauss is smart.
  • ...other BS to trash.


  • Playstation 3 Game reviews.
  • Clouds fucked up Midnight's viewing of the lunar eclipse.
  • Help the recession by buying bootcamps and pickup products.
  • Video games are better than sex.
  • Fuck you, SuperJointRitual.
  • Protoman comes on.
  • Protoman is high as fuck on legal cannabis alternatives.
  • Shitty music playing in the background.
  • Christmas is bullshit.
  • Fucking girls in bathrooms.
  • Old people suck.
  • Protoman fucks cougars.
  • Protoman was homeless for a couple months.
  • Oog comes on.
  • Hoe, Hoe, Hoes.
  • Oog hates the commercialism of the Holidays.
  • We don't just bash Christmas, we bash Hanukkah and Kwanzaa too.
  • Writer's Block


  • Lil Wyte: bad influence
  • The bonus segment, barry kirkey/gunwitch update.
  • Meshuggah-shed
  • Allen Kurry bashing.
  • Mode .07
  • Fuck Mode One
  • Forum drama: Allen vs. Puahate
  • Nicholaus taking no prisoners.
  • The tags, don't read them/take them seriously.
  • Sleazy bashing.
  • Gambler bashing.
  • Ratisse bashing.
  • Gambler homeless jokes.
  • Repackaging shit.
  • Barry Kirkey twitting bot.
  • I reply to a bunch of people on the feedback page.
  • I want Barry's old shows, help Mr. Right.
  • A bunch of plugs.
  • The song at the end is by A7x-fiction, R.I.P. the REV.


  • Prank calls to Chinese restaurants.
  • Prank call to Nintendo.
  • Midnight goes sarging.
  • Oog comes on.
  • What pisses us off?
  • Oog hates radicals and Muslims.
  • Project Orion: The key to the future.
  • Europe is a disgusting cesspool of debauchery and sin.
  • Fast forward to 20:51 for clearer voice quality.
  • Why do we keep putting shitty politicians in office?
  • Alex Jones fucking rocks.
  • Commercial break.
  • Midnight also has a big problem with Islam.
  • Oog has nothing to do with the seduction community.
  • Most young women today are stuck-up whores.
  • Midnight and Oog prank call the Church of Scientology.
  • Failed prank calls to hookers.
  • Prank calls to Chinese restaurants again.
  • Oog wants to become a cyborg to phase out unnecessary human emotions.
  • Complete chaos.


  • I bash Barry/Gun are gay lovers.
  • How much Gunwitch's show sucks...
  • Thanksgiving, what i am thankful for.
  • Community bullshit.
  • Different forums/sarging.
  • Castlenova Crew is legit?
  • Other bullshit forums, suck on my balls sosuave, rsdnation, etc... THEY ALL SUCK.
  • J The Ripper, Lucifer, Nicholaus
  • Non-legit, any one who is similar to Vin Di Carlo.
  • Why hypnosis is so important.
  • Psycho cybernetics
  • Getting laid isn't hard.
  • Johnny Wolf and Nick Kho are a disgrace to my race.
  • It's not gay if you don't push back.


  • Midnight interviews Ross Jeffries from puafraud.com
  • Pua's are subject to FTC laws.
  • Pua's know they are stealing and breaking the law, they keep doing it because nobody pushes or complains.
  • PuaHate hates everyone, including Ross Jeffries.
  • Ross challenges anyone, to find someone whom he didn't refund, or where he made up a testimonial, or used hidden continuity.
  • Does Speed Seduction work?
  • What to look out for in Pua marketing.
  • Ross's thoughts on The Game by Neil Strauss.
  • Did Ross really hypnotize a waitress in a California Pizza Kitchen restaurant?
  • What is hypnosis?
  • Is Speed Seduction really necessary?
  • Midnight didn't get laid using Speed Seduction.
  • Ross offers to give a free bootcamp to PuaHate forum members.
  • Ross's connection dies - interview over.


  • Nicholaus in the house.
  • Midnight called some hookers, Nintendo & some Chinese restaurants.
  • Podcasting
  • Barry's show was good until he started dating his girlfriend.
  • Starting a business.
  • Mystery has A.D.D.
  • David DeAngelo the marketer.
  • Fake happy.
  • Gurus are not qualified to help you.
  • Forums
  • Analyzing Mr. Right.
  • Homeless people.
  • People on PuaHate that could use some meds.
  • Get rid of seduction crap, just act normal.
  • Podcast goals.
  • The addict gene.


  • Mr. Right is back.
  • Mr. Right's Weather Report: It's somewhat warm. There is wind, but not a lot.
  • Canadians don't care if you make fun of them.
  • No racism allowed on Puahate.
  • How Mr. Right lost his virginity.
  • Pickup techniques are bullshit.
  • Sex is overrated.
  • I don't listen to Gunwitch's show.
  • Women like to be beaten by werewolves and vampires during sex.
  • Oneitis with Taylor Swift.
  • In the States there's a party every night.
  • Check out the Mr. Right Show at www.mrrightshow.co.cc


  • Why do pickup artists have such weird names?
  • Comedians should become the community gurus.
  • Where the fuck is Mr. Right?
  • Midnight's shitty advice for seducing women.
  • Midnight is not Asian.
  • Economic theory proves PUA to be a waste of time and money.
  • Lucifer comes on.
  • "You just gotta go beasting, bro"
  • Technical difficulties
  • Lucifer and Midnight work on a slogan for the podcast.
  • How Lucifer found the community.
  • How Midnight found the community.
  • Thundercat's podcast sucks.
  • Bill Clinton would be the best ex-president to party with.
  • How much money would you have to be paid to fuck Hillary?
  • Lucifer talks shit about Adam and Amanda Lyon.
  • Is there such thing as an Asian HB10?
  • Stories about messing around with chicks.
  • Where the fuck did the PUA scene come from?
  • Lucifer's leg of steel.
  • The community is a homoerotic paradox.
  • (what the fuck?)
  • Turn-off stories.
  • "Men age like wine; women age like milk"
  • Shitty porno scenes.
  • Who the fuck is Barbara Hand?


  • Mr. Right is talkative when it comes to wrestling.
  • Bropocalypse's Monday Night Raw story
  • "I was done, never again"
  • Why did we talk about the BP oil spill in episode 9?
  • Sarah Palin is an idiot.
  • American news tries to scare people.
  • People in Canada don't lock their doors.
  • "How do you create 7 children in a 2 bedroom apartment?"
  • The BET Channel
  • Racism still exists in America.
  • Hydro looks like he would steal shit.


  • Mr. Right's completely random wrestling history segment.
  • Lucifer comes on drunk.
  • Everyone likes Miley Cyrus's cameltoe.
  • "Younger girls aren't necessarily innocent"
  • Lucifer's sister buys him a satanic book.
  • Frederick Mesmer hypnosis.
  • Hypnotica ripped off Frederick Mesmer?
  • Lucifer thinks Nicholaus didn't unban him, even though he did.
  • The BP oil spill in the gulf.
  • Lucifer tries to come off as a metal expert.
  • John McCain doesn't sound intelligent when he talks.
  • "Free health care is the way to go"
  • Canada has stronger beer than the usa.
  • Lucifer lives with his family because he likes to mooch off of people.
  • Yuriy meets Youvall in Israel.


  • Homeless people in the alley.
  • Lucifer comes on.
  • Lucifer apologizes for deleting threads on the forum.
  • "How could anything with a woman be gay?"
  • If you like wrestling, Mr. Right likes you.
  • Tombstone piledriver is an instant kill.
  • Bropocalypse's 67-year-old mom bought herself a PS3 for christmas.
  • Mr. Right doesn't like people who sit on their ass all day.
  • Lucifer's mom with autism comes on.
  • The blind poop guy hangs up on us.
  • Interview with SkyyJohn of Youtube and SkyyJohn.com
  • "Put that dildo down"
  • Hot transexual prostitutes.


  • Recorded two episodes wednesday night, lost both from software crashes.
  • Lucifer comes on.
  • Angelina is a dude posting as a girl?
  • Shoutouts galore.
  • Yuriy comes on.
  • Lucifer makes fun of Johnny's appearance on Episode 6.
  • "Johnny tries to bullshit his own reality"
  • VH1 saved Yuriy's life.
  • Calling the blind poop guy.
  • "I don't want anyone to get in trouble just because someone takes a poop"
  • Mr. Right gets hard.
  • Prank calling Eros prostitutes.


  • Johnny comes on.
  • "Do the math asshole"
  • How Johnny got into the seduction community.
  • His bootcamp story.
  • He only went the first day.
  • The bootcamp was life-changing.
  • Mystery doesn't get laid?
  • If your mind is weak enough, you will buy dating products.
  • "Fuck the law"
  • The world is a pyramid.
  • Ebook didn't do well.
  • Johnny hates people with backpacks and ipods.


  • Bropocalypse is drunk.
  • J The Ripper comes on.
  • Adderall and alcohol.
  • Is Monstar the ultimate troll?
  • Mr. Right is sick.
  • Lucifer comes on.
  • J The Ripper confronts Lucifer about his creepiness when he hung out with Casanova Crew.
  • "You better hold on!"
  • Luficer goes into the bathroom for an hour at the strip club, then comes out and starts carving into the table with a pen.
  • Lucifer was a bouncer at a gay bar?
  • Lucifer's sister calls J The Ripper a pervert.
  • Seminars are really just dudes vibing with other dudes.
  • Midnight comes on.
  • Mushroom stories.
  • Midnight talks about how a guru ripped him off.
  • Gay Jersey Shore porn.
  • Midnight is not Monstar.
  • What is there to do in Tennessee?
  • "If I'm paying you, I can talk to you however the hell I want! "
  • Yuriy comes on.
  • Complete chaos.


  • Lucifer comes on the show.
  • Why Lucifer got banned? Oh wait, I deleted every thread on the forum.
  • Lucifer was in Casanova Crew.
  • Bropocalypse & Lucifer ponder why the bkrs forum was shut down.
  • Are all people who ask legit questions on our forum really trolls?
  • Is everbody on the forum Monstar?
  • Lucifer says "Fuck you Nicholaus".
  • Prank calling transvestite hookers.
  • Lucifer's uncle tries to become a priest, then starts banging transvestite hookers.
  • Talking grafitti.
  • "You are the pickup artist!"


  • Bropocalypse high as fuck.
  • Lucifer goes crazy on forum.
  • $10,000 for 1-inch removed from your penis?
  • Mexican drug war: Raping, killing, dead people on the street in Jorge's city.
  • Green Nimbusing
  • Monstar & Lucifer going to Mexico for free!
  • Mexican whore houses.
  • Guess the guru game.
  • Sarging the Sunset Strip prank call.
  • What pisses off Jorge about forum threads.
  • "Hot Boxing"
  • Mr. Right goes to the dentist.
  • Bropocalypse calls out the show critics: Come on the show yourself!
  • Prank calling craigslist prostitutes.
  • Silence...voicemail...silence...voicemail. (x30)


  • Nicholaus comes on.
  • Evaluating the first episode.
  • Trolling the listeners (The Macarena).
  • The human centipede.
  • Thanks to JB the Clip Man for sending us tons of sound clips.
  • 415 pound fat guy on the couch for 2 months.
  • How to handle people who call you so they can talk non-stop for 30 minutes.
  • No topics for the first episode: If only there were a forum with topics to talk about?
  • The Barry bashing tangent: Being nice to his guests then bashing them the next day, how Barry treats his friends on his show.
  • What will happen if any gurus want to come on this show?
  • Levi's girlfriend said "no" to him doing midget porn.
  • Will PUA Comic and Hypnotica throw down on this show?


  • Introduction
  • Mr. Right's breath is the 4th host of the show.
  • "I'm feeling present"
  • Dead air.
  • It's Britney Bitch.
  • What color was that feeling?
  • Jorge: "Is Gunwitch still pretending to be making money from his products? "
  • Yuriy comes on and talks about black people.
  • The topic is: there is no topic
  • Nimbus
  • Nimbusing
  • Mr. Right breathing.